Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome to No Tail Left Behind's Blogging Debut

One year ago this week, my Mommy and I launched our "No Tail Left Behind" campaign to educate about the truth and dangers of tail docking. I am a miniature schnauzer whose tail was removed when I was just days old. There was no logical reason to do it, but it was done because that is what you do to all mini schnauzer puppies to conform to a 'breed standard'. It hurt terribly when it was done. They didn't use any anesthesia or pain relieving medicine because no one believed I could feel pain yet. It has been scientifically proven however, that puppies actually have a more heightened sense of pain than a full grown adult dog. Unfortunately, my pain never ended. When my Mommy found me at around 10 weeks old, I was exhausted from the pain, and physically sick. She and her vet nursed me back to health, but I had certain behaviors that perplexed her. I had a super hard time learning potty training, I would sometimes run and hide from her for no apparent reason, I would "go after" my tail when anything exciting happened, and I would run from my bowel movements as though someone was getting me.

Mommy ended up spending years watching pretty helplessly as I suffered from nerve pain, phantom pain and other physical ailments directly caused by my tail being docked. Mommy has told me that she was not happy that my tail was missing, but she didn't know what tail docking really entailed. Not many people do.
She started doing research, talking to different vets, taking me to see a few vets, and trying to find ways to help me through those difficult times. She started making the connection that everything was tied back to my docked tail. Mommy refused to accept the lies of why docking was important, and she really understood about the nerve pain. One vet told her that maybe it was "in my head" and I just had behavioral issues. Another vet said that surgery wouldn't help but she did put me on Neurontin after Mommy strongly insisted we try it for the nerve pain. It did help some, but I was still traumatized by my phantom tail pain and nerve pain. It was around this time that we launched "No Tail Left Behind" on Facebook to raise awareness about tail docking and the terrible effects it has on dogs.

Finally, a wonderful vet took Mommy's pleadings seriously and validated what she'd been saying for docked tail nub was causing me terrible pain, discomfort and stress. In my next blog post, I will share what was done to help alleviate some of the pain.

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