Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Tail Left Behind Shares Two New Campaign Posters

These are the two newest "No Tail Left Behind" posters that I have made for our campaign to educate about the dangers and terrible side effects of tail docking. I'd love your input on them. 
 Pixel's eyes say it all here. She was going through a rough time with tail pain, and I just wanted to capture what she was going through. Her eyes just seem to say, "Make it stop Mommy." I was doing all I could to help her at the time.

Pixel's story and her smile are both compelling. I wanted to have a poster that engaged people and would make them want to come visit the page and blog. We are here to educate, share information and help others.
Please help us spread the word by sharing our posts from Facebook and Twitter, sharing our blog posts & posters, and most importantly, sharing our message. You can share this post with the 'share' tools to the right of this post.
We believe that every dog deserves a tail!

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