Saturday, July 27, 2013

A BIG Apology - No Tail Left Behind thanks you all for your comments!

Dear friends, sometimes Mistakes Happen and today such an event occurred. I was checking comments for the blog and found several very nice comments that I thought had not been published yet. I selected ALL of them at once and had full intent of publishing them. Unfortunately, instead of the normal 'Publish' button that I have selected dozens of times for Pixel's fun blog to publish comments...somehow the button was the 'Delete' button and ALL comments for No Tail Left Behind have been wiped out! I am SO sorry. They all were great comments full of encouragement and sharing of your hearts. I tried to get them back but there is no 'undo' for deleted comments. Searching for an answer on Google and Blogger came up with no remedy.
So for all of you who spent the time to write a comment to No Tail Left Behind here, please forgive this mistake. Keep commenting, keep sharing. Sometimes technology works against us. I promise that from now on, I will let Pixel take care of publishing them. She no doubt will have better success than I did!

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