Monday, July 29, 2013

Pixel Blue Eyes' Dream - A Special Poem for No Tail Left Behind

I dreamed I had a tail to wag, I dreamed that I was whole.
I dreamed I had a tail to wag, it made my spirit soar!
My tail was oh so beautiful, its fur was brown and white.
My tail was long and slightly curved, it was such a pretty sight.

I wagged my tail all day and night, I held it tall and proud.
I was so glad to have a tail, I even barked out loud!
All other dogs around the world, they all had their tails too.
Each docked dog now was perfect, their cut tails now brand new!

I didn’t feel a single pain from where my tail was missing.
With so much joy inside my soul, I couldn’t keep from kissing
My Mommy, family, all my friends, no single face left out
The reunion of all happy tails made everyone want to shout!

“Oh happy day! A Miracle! All tails have been returned!
All docking dangers lessons have finally been learned!”
I sang and danced, and danced some more. I twirled and twirled and twirled.
The joyful news within my dream was shared around the world.

But in a flash, my dream was gone. I suddenly awoke.
I turned around, looked at my tail and saw it still was broke.
I cried as Mommy held me close, she told me I was strong.
“We still have much to do my love, we must continue on.

So many pups depend on us to go and spread the word.
Tell the truth of how it hurts til’ every ear has heard.”
My role in life is clear to me; I know this doggie’s task.
I need to face the ones who maim, hard questions I must ask.

Like “Why inflict such awful pain on puppies just by breed?
Why do you want to cut off tails? Is it because of greed?
Just think of it, how would it feel if this was done to you?
A vital piece of body, gone! Such needless pain put through!”

No matter what “tail takers” say, the pain is oh so real.
How can they cause such suffering? This pain no dog should feel.
I promise I will always fight for dogs to keep their tails.
“Don’t take away our right to wag,” our message must prevail.

So please think twice before you chop or cut or shave off tails.
The puppies that you maim…a life of suffering they travail.
“Every dog deserves a tail!” I cry out in my mind.
My dream forever lives in me, that No Tail is Left Behind.

©2013 Jenny Lewis, Pixel Blue Eyes & No Tail Left Behind

Friends, please help us in our cause. We wish to educate everyone on the dangers & truths about tail docking. No matter what 'tail takers' say, tail docking hurts. It hurts the day it is removed from millions of puppies each year, and it hurts for many years cosmetic docking really worth all that suffering for the dogs? Find us on Facebook, Twitter, right here. Remember, ALL dogs deserve a tail!
We're in it to end it ...are you?


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Anuradha, Thank you so much!!! The tears still come whenever we read it too. It means so much that it is so powerful for you. We appreciate you telling us how you feel about it!
      Love, Pixel and Mommy Jenny

  2. I reread this today - shared via Twitter and my rarely used Google+.

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend KatBoxJanitor. That means a great deal that you took the time to read it again, and then to share it via Twitter and G+. Love your friend, Pixel

  3. Every time I read this,I feel Pixel's loss again. I truly hope and pray she has such a beautiful tail in her dreams every night. I wish everyone who says tail docking doesn't damage a dog could read this.

    1. It means so much to have you say that Rebecca. This is an incredibly deep emotional poem that definitely speaks to the loss of my tail and the tails of millions of dogs in the world. I hope that this reaches the hearts of many my dear friend.
      Love you! Pixel