Friday, January 17, 2014

A Renewed Sense of Purpose for No Tail Left Behind

It's a new year, and Pixel Blue Eyes and I am so excited about all the possibilities 2014 holds for us as we continue our work to bring awareness about the dangers and truths of tail docking, a cruel, painful practice that is unnecessary and has long lasting negative effects for hundreds of thousands of dogs. Our message is so important, and I feel a renewed sense of purpose to create a greater awareness of just how detrimental tail docking is to hundreds of thousands of puppies and dogs all over the world...dogs just like Pixel, who has suffered chronic pain her whole life from being docked as a puppy.

Image of Pixel Blue Eyes dog under a blanket during a painful tail pain episode
We still have a long way to go before everyone understands what really happens to the physiology of little puppies when tail docking is done. Remember that docking a tail is the amputation of muscles, tendons, bone, vertebrae and nerves. That type of trauma to a body part has lasting effects. Although not all dock tailed dogs show signs and symptoms of the pain & trauma they are put through, so many of them are silently suffering. Why should anyone think that is okay? Why should tail docking still be allowed because some dogs "seem okay with it"? Dogs are silent sufferers, but often exhibit suffering in unusual behaviors. We talk about some of the signs that a dog is suffering from docked tail pain in a previous post.

No Tail Left Behind - Because every dog deserves a tail poster with Pixel Blue Eyes - With this renewal in our efforts for this year, we ask that you join us in sharing this important message. Tail docking is a form of cruelty, and cruelty cannot be tolerated. We will remain steadfast and faithful in telling the truth about the terrible effects of tail docking until it has been banned worldwide.
We will forever be in it to end it. Why? Because EVERY DOG DESERVES A TAIL!

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  1. I am appalled as to why anyone would dock a tail-its abs cruel and monstrous-is it declared a crime?
    I am sharing your blogs as widely as I can

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