Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Tail" of a Birth Defect Puppy Whose Tail Was Almost Docked

I became aware (on Facebook) of a situation involving a tiny newborn puppy with a birth defect whose rescuer considered docking the poor puppy's tail, thinking it would help get adopted later on in life (this photo is not the puppy I am speaking of). Before anyone jumps into thinking hateful thoughts, or hunting the rescuer down, please do not. My only intent is to share how very difficult things can be and how skewed tail docking can be viewed. It is a very good rescue that I respect, I just could not comprehend how they would consider causing further physical trauma to an already compromised little body, just to make it potentially more "adoptable" because of it's breed. I was sick to my stomach at the thought, almost in a panic worried for that tiny life, knowing I had no control, and of course no way of truly making anyone change their mind. I thought of a very special rescue dog named Roo who died just last month because of extreme docked tail complications. I thought of other puppies that died when I was working in rescue a couple of years ago who had been docked and whose little bodies couldn't handle the trauma. Some lived...some did not. I thought of the hundreds of pet parents who have told me of their own dogs suffering because of their docked tails and the many that I have helped in one way or another through No Tail Left Behind. And of course I thought of my own Pixel's suffering that I have seen her endure for almost 8 years now. 
All I could do was go to the Facebook post about the puppy and share the truth of what I know, share the information I have shared so many times with thousands of people already. All I could do was tell them about the countless dogs I've seen suffer due to tail docking...I shared with respect and with caring words. There is no room for being any other way if you hope for someone to hear you. 
I was especially concerned because she said that people were shallow and they would expect, even at a rescue, that a full breed dog would and should be of breed standard...that it was "hard enough" to try and adopt dogs with this type of health issue. I urged her not to cater to "shallow" potential adopters. Because you don't want those kinds of people adopting a special needs dog.
In the end, after bringing the tiny puppy to the vet for a check up and with the possible intent of docking, it was found that she was not in good enough health to do so. I am very happy and relieved to say that the tiny puppy gets to keep her precious tail. She now will never have to worry about nerve pain, bowel problems, the shock of the pain from the procedure, nothing of the sort. She can just focus on getting well from her other serious health issues and be well cared for. I know that the right adoptive family will find this precious little soul, and adopt her gladly. Tail and all. Please keep the little puppy in your hearts, thoughts & prayers. 
Remember friends that tail docking is a painful cruel practice that inflicts unnecessary injury, shock and long term pain and suffering on puppies on into adult hood. Help us end this practice by helping us be the voice for change. Follow us on our social pages:

No Tail Left Behind...Because EVERY Dog Deserves a Tail.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Jovial Boxer Twins Jojo & Jorge

Hi friends! Welcome to this week's edition of Pixel's Tuesday's Tails. This series celebrates dogs who are from breeds who are normally docked, but the dogs we feature all have their beautiful tails. It's quite a treat to see dogs with tails whose breed is normally, and unfortunately, docked. Some people have told me they've never seen some of the breeds WITH their tails before. Boxers are one of those breeds that are not often seen with tails. Well, we have a special treat today. We aren't just celebrating one happy wagging boxer tail, we're celebrating a whole family of happy boxer tails! We even have video of wagging boxer tails. Just keep reading...

Meet Jovial Jojo and Jorge
Jojo and Jorge are 5 years old and have been with their parents since they were puppies. They are brother and sister and love each other dearly. They get on really well and are pretty much inseparable. 

Jojo and Jorge loves going places with their family, including the park, the beach, pretty much anywhere the car will take them. They are high energy, athletic dogs who love to run and play in the fields or on the sand. They eat, sleep, and play together and couldn't imagine life any other way!

Their Mom Jemma say "Both are very affectionate and love to try and sit on your lap, I think they think they are Chihuahua's...not boxers!! Both of the dogs are fantastic with the children and my children are equally fantastic with the dogs. My children have been brought up to respect the dogs' space." 

Mom Jemma adores their long beautiful tails and can't believe people dock boxer tails. She says, "I think any mutilation of an animal is just barbaric and still can't believe people would do it just because they think it would make their pets look 'better'." She said she's even been kicked out of boxer groups before when she start speaking up about people cropping ears and docking tails. No Tail Left Behind says "Good for you, Jemma! Far better to speak up and get asked to leave then sit quietly by while others trample your values for 'vanity sake'."

Memories of Jake...
Jemma also shared photos of her special boy she had before Jojo and Jorge. His name was Jake. He had his tail as well because his breeder didn't believe in docking either. Jake spent 10 wonderful years with Jemma and her family, but sadly passed away in 2006 at the age of 10. She says that he was a wonderful dog. I have no doubt he was. Just look at his face!

Thank you Jemma, Jojo, Jorge and Jake, for sharing your story and photos with No Tail Left Behind. What a thrill it's been to see so many wonderful full boxer tails in glorious full color photos!! Here's hoping one day that every dog in America and the world will no longer have to worry about the concept of tail docking and will all have their beautiful tails to wag at the beach, at the park, in the fields and at home.
Now, let's meet our adoptable Tuesday's Tails Boxer:

Meet the Regal and Beguiling Riley Jane 

Riley Jane is just about too good to be true! Riley (as her foster parents call her) is a gorgeous 5 year old brindle and white female boxer who is fully housebroken, extremely friendly and loving, gets along well with other pets, and know several commands, including sit, shake, and down. One of the most beautiful things about her is that she has uncropped ears and a full long, undocked tail that wags constantly.

Riley loves to play! She loves, and I mean LOVES balls, and will collect them and pile them on her bed if given the chance. But she loves playing fetch and catch and running outside with her foster parents and foster fur brothers. She eats, sleeps and plays with her fur brothers and loves being with them. She had a fur sister previously and they got along great too, so she would do well with either male or female dogs. 

Riley had a previous forever home, but sadly for reasons I do not know, they had to give her up. Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue stepped in and are taking care of her thanks to their fantastic foster home program. At first Riley was distressed over losing her previous family, as is very understandable, but her foster Mom stated on Riley Jane's Petfinder page that she appears to now be well adjusted and as happy as can be. She LOVES meeting new people, and gets a bit overly excited and jumpy at first, but soon settles down and is sweet as can be. She loves to cuddle, be affectionate, share treats with you, play outside, and be with you. She is learning to walk well on a leash, but she still needs additional work to not pull when other dogs or children are nearby. It will take some time, but if someone is consistent, patient, and a loving pet parent, daily practice and training will eventually help her succeed on a leash to no longer pull in such excitement.

Here's an adorable video of Riley and her fur brothers putting their "best paw forward" for her foster Mom. Watch her wonderful full length tail wagging so beautifully:

If you are interested in meeting or adopting sweet beguiling Riley Jane, please visit Riley's Petfinder page or visit the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Facebook page for more information. 

I hope you all enjoyed this special boxer edition of Pixel's Tuesday's Tails. After seeing so many beautiful boxer tails...who'd ever want to dock another tail again??

I'm taking part in this week's BlogPaws #Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Visit some of the other links below to see what other interesting things are happening with pet and their people. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Burt the Charming Cocker Spaniel

Welcome to the latest edition of Pixel's Tuesday's Tails! We took a few weeks off  and were out of town but we are back with a wonderful story to share in just a moment. We've been on hiatus for a couple of reasons. I'll briefly share before we get into our regular post. The main reason is that I've been on strict medical bed rest due to a serious walking issue that is either neurological or spinal cord/disc related. Whichever it is (more vet exams are eminent), my docked tail and lifelong issues stemming from it might be a contributing factor...yet another reason why docking should end for all dogs. I'll do another article on my walking issue and promise to keep you posted.

Meet Burt, the Charming Cocker Spaniel with a Happy "Tail" to Tell

What a happy Cocker Spaniel tail waving behind him!
Now, without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to our "Tuesday's Tail" for this week. Meet Burt, a charming 3 year old male Cocker Spaniel who has his long beautiful tail to wag and a loving family to share in the joy of his happy tail. Cocker Spaniels are notoriously docked. In fact, I've never seen one with their tail, so Burt is extra special to me and I was thrilled when his Mom Michelle contacted No Tail Left Behind to tell us about him. Let's hear about it in his Mom's words...

Burt is just TOO adorable for words! Look at his sweet puppy tail.
"Burt was dropped off at the shelter as an hours-old pup with his mom and three siblings. Two of the puppies didn't make it, and his mom refused to take care of Burt because he was the runt. My husband and I saw the shelter's post online looking for a foster home, and we decided to apply. We already had a good working relationship with the shelter, as we had already adopted two dogs from them, one a special needs dog (he was dumped at the shelter after he was attacked by a bigger dog and suffered some permanent brain damage), and we regularly came in for visits and to drop off donations. The shelter was delighted that we were interested, and I picked up Burt and brought him home when he was only four days old."

Michelle continues, "My husband was always very concerned that someone would eventually want to dock his tail. I told him they wouldn't because we would have him for the first eight weeks of his life at least, and after that a vet wouldn't dock because he was too old. My husband made the point that if a vet refused, some idiot may try to do it himself, which I agreed was a possibility. However, we never had to worry about that because we were complete foster failures and Burt has been a permanent member of our family for three years now!"
No Tail Left Behind is thrilled to hear of the great wisdom and compassion that Michelle and her husband had for Burt in caring so much about him and his tail, and wanting to protect him from unnecessary tail docking. Look at his long beautiful tail today in this photo. He's a happy boy indeed!

Here is a sweet video of Burt having a fun time catching and popping bubbles that his family was blowing into the room strictly for his amusement. See his beautiful tail? What wonderful pet parents Burt has!

We are thrilled that Burt and his long beautiful tail found his way into the hearts and home of his loving family who believes that every dog deserves their tail. We wish them many happy, tail wagging years together! Thank you Michelle for sharing your photos and story of Burt with No Tail Left Behind.

Meet Grayson, the Rescue Cocker with a "Tail" Full of Hope

Grayson is a 2-3 year old male Red Cocker Spaniel currently residing in North Carolina under the care of the Charlotte Cocker Rescue of NC. Grayson is a very special boy who needs all the love, attention and help to find a forever home that he can get. This precious soul was the victim of a hit and run car accident on a cold and snowy night, left to lay there alone, injured, cold and afraid. Thank goodness he was found by a good Samaritan in North Carolina who helped get him rescued and where he received much needed surgery for his injuries. He is now in foster care and recovering, but he needs two things: help with medical expenses and a loving person or family to adopt him and make his dreams of a real home full of love and safety come true.

Don't let this sad face get you down, he is just dealing with a lot and needs extra love. He has such a beautiful red coat and fur. One of the things that makes Grayson extra special is that he HAS A FULL LONG TAIL! That is very unusual for a Cocker Spaniel. Imagine seeing that tail wag with joy at seeing your smiling face each day!
Grayson's new ideal home would be with someone who understands what he has been through, will help him through his continued recovery and know that he might have long term issues stemming from his injuries, both physical and emotional ones. He is such a beautiful boy, and his foster parent says he is such a nice boy. I can't wait to see a smile brought back to his face! To learn more about Grayson, to find out how you can help in his recovery expenses, or if you would like to adopt this precious boy, visit Grayson's Petfinder page which has all the information you need.

I hope you enjoyed the Cocker Spaniel edition of Pixel's "Tuesday's Tails" here on No Tail Left Behind. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
And we're always looking for dogs with tails to feature who are breeds that are normally docked. Contact us if you'd like to be featured, or if you have any questions about tail docking or if you think your dog might be suffering from the effects of tail docking. You can ask us anything...even about Pixel's own tail docking pain and surgery to try and fix it. Simply contact us through Facebook or by email us at notailleftbehind at gmail dot com (you know what to do to make it a real address, we're just trying to keep the spammers down).
Hope to hear from you soon! And don't forget to leave a comment below about Burt and Grayson's stories.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Lillie the Lovely Rat Terrier

Welcome to the second installment of No Tail Left Behind's "Tuesday's Tails".

Meet Lillie, our "Tuesday's Tails" Guest Dog:
Today I'd like to introduce a very special young lady named Lillie. Isn't her long, full tail gorgeous?? Her full name is Lillie Marie Blazewick, and she is an American Rat Terrier who was rescued by her loving family in October 2013. They found her through Petfinder! They are her 4th (and they are quite insistent to say FINAL) home, as she was a very mischievous girl and was returned a lot to the pound/shelter throughout the first part of her young life.
Lillie's family has worked hard to help her overcome her negative behaviors with great success. She no longer eliminates in the house, they are gradually decreasing her indoor barking tendency and her "Houdini escapism", as her Mom calls it, has been curbed.

Lillie's tail is very beautiful and starts out as black at the base of her back, then half way up it become solid white. She is very lucky to have her tail, since the American Rat Terrier is a breed typically docked in the United States. Her family loves her tail and says that if her tail was docked, "we'd not know about the gorgeous white part of her tail!!" They also say that Lillie did not wag her tail much when they first got her because she was so scared. It took her months to relax and trust them. This is a very understandable behavior since she had been "adopted and rejected" so many times.

Here's a story that Lillie's Mom recalls: "One time I had to leave her at the vet's office (she was there with her dog brother Lou when he went through his prostatitis). When I tried to kiss her face goodbye, she turned her head away and wouldn't even look at me. SHE THOUGHT I WAS LEAVING HER THERE FOREVER! I cried the whole way home. When I picked her up she was incredulous!! Her tail wagged so much it was a blur. She knows now that she is in her forever home, and her tail wags CONSTANTLY!!!"

Lillie loves her dog brother Lou, a mini Schnauzer who also has his long beautiful tail, and they bring immense joy to their human family. Mom Jennifer says that when Lillie and Lou both come to the door to greet them with both tails wagging full's the best sight ever! Lillie also has a human brother who absolutely adores both dogs and treats them with the utmost respect and love. Although it is clear that the Blazewick family has helped little Lillie find true happiness and a feeling of belonging after years of rejection, it's quite obvious that Lillie has made their family complete as well!

Meet Katie, our "Tuesday's Tails" Adoptable Dog:

Photo from New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group
Katie is another lovely young lady. Just one look into her liquid brown eyes, and your heart will melt. She is a 2 year old female American Rat Terrier who is currently living in a foster home in Virginia. She is under the care of the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group. I've got to say, I LOVE the name! According to details on her Petfinder page, Katie is quite the snuggler, as she loves to burrow into beds or under blankets and even loves puppy piles with her foster dog brothers & sisters. She's quite affectionate, tenderhearted and she loves to follow her foster Mom from room to room and lay in whatever bed is nearby, just to be near her. It is clear that she will be relatively easy to train, just as long as you have plenty of patience with a tiny, tenderhearted lass like Katie.

Photo from Petfinder Website
When Katie first came to the rescue, she was severely underweight, but has since put on a couple of pounds. They are afraid she was abused in some way, but she is still a very sweet girl. Katie gets along great with other dogs, but does not fully understand cats. Time and gentle training could help her to learn to love them, as is the case with any animal. Katie is good with children too. To see some wonderful photos of Katie, including some sweet ones with her favorite foster sibling that she adores, visit Katie's 'New Rattitude' photo page. For more information about how you can adopt her, visit Katie's Petfinder page. And don't forget to 'LIKE' the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group on Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these two beautiful girls. Please share this post to help little Katie find a loving home, and to help educate others about how wonderful it is for breeds like the Rat Terrier to have a long beautiful tail.
If you have a dog that is a breed normally docked, and your dog has their tail, let us know so we can feature YOUR dog next! And please leave us a comment below on your thoughts about the long beautiful rat terrier tails.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Lichen the Standard Poodle

No Tail Left Behind is starting a new series called "Tuesday's Tails". It's a two part blog post. The first part highlights a specific dog whose breed is normally docked in the United States but who has their long beautiful tail. The second part will highlight a dog in need of adoption who needs a "Happy Ending" to their "tail". So please share the post and enjoy the photos!

Meet Lichen, Our "Tuesday's Tails" Guest Dog!
Today we are highlighting Lichen, a very handsome, happy standard male poodle who lives with his parents Adrienne and Roger in Maryland. Most people (myself included before I started No Tail Left Behind) think that poodles are born with the shorter poofy tail. The truth is, poodles, whether they are large standard size or a miniature, are born with a very long lush tail. Unfortunately they are docked in many countries including the United States and several provinces of Canada.

Lichen uses his long, beautiful tail for so many things. He uses it for balance when running and playing, he wags it non stop according to his Mom, and he uses it to hold himself upright when bird or neighbor watching on their deck. Of course there are many other ways that Lichen uses his tail, it's a perfect extension of his spine, critical to healthy bowel, anal gland and urinary tract health.

Lichen is a very happy dog, and his Mom credits both his incredibly happy nature and his amazing agility with the fact that Lichen has his tail. If you'd like to see more of this amazing boy, just do a Google search for "Lichen the Standard Poodle" and you'll find loads of photos of this handsome, playful boy on sites like the Poodle Forum or even catch some archived blog posts when he was blogging at his website The Chronicles of Lichen.

Meet Lulu, Our "Tuesday's Tail" Adoptable Dog!

Today's adoptable "Tuesday's Tail" is Lovely Lulu. This gorgeous female standard poodle who is currently being fostered through the "Real Good Dog Rescue" out of Memphis TN. who was surrendered by her owner who said she could no longer take care of both her and her brother. Lulu loves being around people and really needs to be in a home where her pet parent(s) will either be home a large majority of the time (many people work from home), or will take her with them wherever they go. She is house trained, loves to go for walks, LOVES to play, gets along well with other dogs, and is a very lovable girl.

To learn more about Lulu, visit Lulu's Petfinder page and learn how you can adopt this smiling beauty who so deserves a new forever home where she will never again have to worry about being given up by her master. You can also visit Real Good Dog Rescue's Facebook page to learn more about their efforts to help dogs find homes too!

We hope you enjoyed the first installment of No Tail Left Behind's "Tuesday's Tails". If you have a dog that is a breed normally docked but your dog has their tail, let us know so we can feature YOUR dog next! And please leave us a comment below on your thoughts about the long beautiful poodle tails.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Compassion for Tail Docking Victims from a Younger Generation

The "No Tail Left Behind" website has not been updated in a while due to several factors, including Pixel having a growth and surgery, as well as my own medical crisis, and I was a bit concerned about the direction I needed to take in my continued campaign to educate the world about the dangers and truth of tail docking. What a wonderful surprise it was then, to be contacted recently by a young lady who is a senior in high school on the west coast (I live in the United States for those who don't already know). She was doing research for her senior project that deals with advocacy work. And what was the subject that she chose, of ALL possible subjects? Tail docking and the terrible effects it has on animals. She saw the stubbed tail of her own dog, and of others dogs, and knew instinctively that it was wrong and that something had to be done to change it.

We've been corresponding and I've even become her mentor for the project, which to me is a great honor. It has infused within me a new vigor for spreading the message about how we must put an end to tail docking. We need to kindly, yet clearly, state our facts to everyone and anyone who will listen, about the long term and permanent effects that tail docking has on dogs.
Candice shares the passion that I have for this subject. Before she ever contacted me, she wrote a speech and presented it to her entire class. It was well received. She believes that her generation will carry the fight to end tail docking in America to it's final success. Her campaign is targeting her own fellow high school aged generation. I can't wait to see where it leads.
Below is a transcript of her senior speech, printed with permission from her.

 Candice's Senior Animal Advocacy Speech
"Can you imagine what a Cocker Spaniel would look like? How about a King Charles Spaniel? You might be thinking now, of course! Long ears, curly golden, black or brown hair, featuring a short tiny tail or none at all---- who doesn't know what a spaniel looks like? 
  However, they were not born this way. Just like many other breeds, they were born with long and beautiful tails. Because of our twisted concept of beauty, their tails were taken away manually while they were still puppies. This is what we call tail docking, the removal of part of, or sometimes all of, a dogs’ tail.
  Peruse the human history, it is not hard to find that tail docking dated way back when hunting was the only recreation for nobles and royals. The popular saying is that tail docking increases the animal’s speed and prevents injuries. However, as hunting gradually declined as the mainstream, tail docking remains today; the only difference is, instead of being functional, tail docking nowadays is commonly for cosmetic purpose only. Show after show, performance after performance, generation after generation, countless innocent little puppies have to have their tails docked just to fulfilled the “tradition and standard” of the industry and the so-called “dog lovers”. Without us realizing it, these furry friends of ours, have become the fashion victim.
  If anyone were to say that the fact of tail docking itself is not evil enough, you cannot deny the influence tail docking has on the dog as well as the owner. I, myself, am a proud owner of a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel, Stanley. Born to a local breeder, she was docked almost instantly after she was born. Therefore, when she came to my life, her tail was now an odd looking small stump. The heart breaking fact is, she has never experienced much of the feeling of wagging her tail like most other dogs have. However, when she is jumping up and down to welcome me home, she would wag what was left of her tail. Looking into her innocent eyes and the wagging stump, sorrow captured my heart. To this day, I still believe that not being able to save her from docking is my biggest regret.
Therefore, when Leno, a Beagle puppy became part of my family this fall, I insisted on keeping her tail. Many times I can't help but think how many unfortunate beagles ended up have the tail docked unwillingly, Leno is just one of the lucky few, but what about the others? Who is going to look out for them?
  This is my senior year in high school, and I want to make a difference, no matter how small it may be. Throughout these years of discovering my true self, I gradually realized that God is calling me to be the voice of those fury friends, to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” (Proverbs 31:8) Therefore, I have decided to dedicate my senior projects on animal welfare, meanwhile targeting raising social awareness of the harmfulness of tail docking and why we should get rid of it---- this is the one thing that I would never regret, and the one thing that I truly believe in."

Thank you Candice, for having such a compassionate, caring heart for the animals and for wanting to bring about change in the world. I'm so glad we are working together to spread the message about the dangers of tail docking and I hope your fire burns ever brighter with each passing day! You have "No Tail Left Behind" and all our followers' full support!