Sunday, March 29, 2015

Compassion for Tail Docking Victims from a Younger Generation

The "No Tail Left Behind" website has not been updated in a while due to several factors, including Pixel having a growth and surgery, as well as my own medical crisis, and I was a bit concerned about the direction I needed to take in my continued campaign to educate the world about the dangers and truth of tail docking. What a wonderful surprise it was then, to be contacted recently by a young lady who is a senior in high school on the west coast (I live in the United States for those who don't already know). She was doing research for her senior project that deals with advocacy work. And what was the subject that she chose, of ALL possible subjects? Tail docking and the terrible effects it has on animals. She saw the stubbed tail of her own dog, and of others dogs, and knew instinctively that it was wrong and that something had to be done to change it.

We've been corresponding and I've even become her mentor for the project, which to me is a great honor. It has infused within me a new vigor for spreading the message about how we must put an end to tail docking. We need to kindly, yet clearly, state our facts to everyone and anyone who will listen, about the long term and permanent effects that tail docking has on dogs.
Candice shares the passion that I have for this subject. Before she ever contacted me, she wrote a speech and presented it to her entire class. It was well received. She believes that her generation will carry the fight to end tail docking in America to it's final success. Her campaign is targeting her own fellow high school aged generation. I can't wait to see where it leads.
Below is a transcript of her senior speech, printed with permission from her.

 Candice's Senior Animal Advocacy Speech
"Can you imagine what a Cocker Spaniel would look like? How about a King Charles Spaniel? You might be thinking now, of course! Long ears, curly golden, black or brown hair, featuring a short tiny tail or none at all---- who doesn't know what a spaniel looks like? 
  However, they were not born this way. Just like many other breeds, they were born with long and beautiful tails. Because of our twisted concept of beauty, their tails were taken away manually while they were still puppies. This is what we call tail docking, the removal of part of, or sometimes all of, a dogs’ tail.
  Peruse the human history, it is not hard to find that tail docking dated way back when hunting was the only recreation for nobles and royals. The popular saying is that tail docking increases the animal’s speed and prevents injuries. However, as hunting gradually declined as the mainstream, tail docking remains today; the only difference is, instead of being functional, tail docking nowadays is commonly for cosmetic purpose only. Show after show, performance after performance, generation after generation, countless innocent little puppies have to have their tails docked just to fulfilled the “tradition and standard” of the industry and the so-called “dog lovers”. Without us realizing it, these furry friends of ours, have become the fashion victim.
  If anyone were to say that the fact of tail docking itself is not evil enough, you cannot deny the influence tail docking has on the dog as well as the owner. I, myself, am a proud owner of a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel, Stanley. Born to a local breeder, she was docked almost instantly after she was born. Therefore, when she came to my life, her tail was now an odd looking small stump. The heart breaking fact is, she has never experienced much of the feeling of wagging her tail like most other dogs have. However, when she is jumping up and down to welcome me home, she would wag what was left of her tail. Looking into her innocent eyes and the wagging stump, sorrow captured my heart. To this day, I still believe that not being able to save her from docking is my biggest regret.
Therefore, when Leno, a Beagle puppy became part of my family this fall, I insisted on keeping her tail. Many times I can't help but think how many unfortunate beagles ended up have the tail docked unwillingly, Leno is just one of the lucky few, but what about the others? Who is going to look out for them?
  This is my senior year in high school, and I want to make a difference, no matter how small it may be. Throughout these years of discovering my true self, I gradually realized that God is calling me to be the voice of those fury friends, to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” (Proverbs 31:8) Therefore, I have decided to dedicate my senior projects on animal welfare, meanwhile targeting raising social awareness of the harmfulness of tail docking and why we should get rid of it---- this is the one thing that I would never regret, and the one thing that I truly believe in."

Thank you Candice, for having such a compassionate, caring heart for the animals and for wanting to bring about change in the world. I'm so glad we are working together to spread the message about the dangers of tail docking and I hope your fire burns ever brighter with each passing day! You have "No Tail Left Behind" and all our followers' full support!


  1. What a compassionate and passionate young lady Candice is!
    So glad to read she was able to connect with Pixel and the No Tail Left Behind message!

    1. Thank you so much KatBoxJanitor! You are so right about her. I was thrilled that she found us, and vice versa. She's a wonderful young lady and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for her. Thank you for your support and for leaving a comment.
      Jenny & Pixel

  2. Absolutely wonderful article. I can't praise you enough for bringing much needed attention to this topic. As the 'momma' of a bully breed, it breaks my heart to see how casually so called compassionate people physically alter their pets for cosmetic purposes. My dog has both his tail and his ears, and I've been told many times how much 'prettier' he'd be without them. I completely disagree. We have no right to mutilate these innocent souls that are in our care.

  3. Thanks for such an insightful observation!

  4. TY Candice for advocating against tail docking .. Great job !!

  5. Good work, Candice! So glad you crossed paths with Pixel and Jenny. The three of you have very special hearts! Wishing you much success.

  6. What a wonderful young woman! Candice and Pixel - you have my support in trying to end this forever! Any cosmetic procedures that remove something from an animal need to be banned.....

  7. Thank you so much, Candice, for speaking to your peers about the horrible practice of tail docking. It's a barbaric practice that must be stopped, and we need all the help we can get, especially from young, enthusiastic and compassionate people like you. Keep up the great work! Please also consider videotaping your speech, along with some sad photos of docked puppies (I have photos if you need some.). I think a video would be a great tool for us to use in our campaign to bring an end to this detestable practice.

  8. Wow Candice such wonderful thoughful comments. You will be the next generation fight against tail docking. Good work Pixel and Momega Jenny. ♡

  9. Wow Candice such wonderful thoughful comments. You will be the next generation fight against tail docking. Good work Pixel and Momega Jenny. ♡

  10. Wow, this is a great article. Thank you for voicing your opinion on such a hot topic.

  11. Great article! And what a wonderful senior talk by your young friend. She has already made a difference, and I'm sure will continue to do so.

  12. Great article! And what a wonderful senior talk by your young friend. She has already made a difference, and I'm sure will continue to do so.

  13. Beagles are not a docked breed.