Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Lillie the Lovely Rat Terrier

Welcome to the second installment of No Tail Left Behind's "Tuesday's Tails".

Meet Lillie, our "Tuesday's Tails" Guest Dog:
Today I'd like to introduce a very special young lady named Lillie. Isn't her long, full tail gorgeous?? Her full name is Lillie Marie Blazewick, and she is an American Rat Terrier who was rescued by her loving family in October 2013. They found her through Petfinder! They are her 4th (and they are quite insistent to say FINAL) home, as she was a very mischievous girl and was returned a lot to the pound/shelter throughout the first part of her young life.
Lillie's family has worked hard to help her overcome her negative behaviors with great success. She no longer eliminates in the house, they are gradually decreasing her indoor barking tendency and her "Houdini escapism", as her Mom calls it, has been curbed.

Lillie's tail is very beautiful and starts out as black at the base of her back, then half way up it become solid white. She is very lucky to have her tail, since the American Rat Terrier is a breed typically docked in the United States. Her family loves her tail and says that if her tail was docked, "we'd not know about the gorgeous white part of her tail!!" They also say that Lillie did not wag her tail much when they first got her because she was so scared. It took her months to relax and trust them. This is a very understandable behavior since she had been "adopted and rejected" so many times.

Here's a story that Lillie's Mom recalls: "One time I had to leave her at the vet's office (she was there with her dog brother Lou when he went through his prostatitis). When I tried to kiss her face goodbye, she turned her head away and wouldn't even look at me. SHE THOUGHT I WAS LEAVING HER THERE FOREVER! I cried the whole way home. When I picked her up she was incredulous!! Her tail wagged so much it was a blur. She knows now that she is in her forever home, and her tail wags CONSTANTLY!!!"

Lillie loves her dog brother Lou, a mini Schnauzer who also has his long beautiful tail, and they bring immense joy to their human family. Mom Jennifer says that when Lillie and Lou both come to the door to greet them with both tails wagging full speed...it's the best sight ever! Lillie also has a human brother who absolutely adores both dogs and treats them with the utmost respect and love. Although it is clear that the Blazewick family has helped little Lillie find true happiness and a feeling of belonging after years of rejection, it's quite obvious that Lillie has made their family complete as well!

Meet Katie, our "Tuesday's Tails" Adoptable Dog:

Photo from New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group
Katie is another lovely young lady. Just one look into her liquid brown eyes, and your heart will melt. She is a 2 year old female American Rat Terrier who is currently living in a foster home in Virginia. She is under the care of the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group. I've got to say, I LOVE the name! According to details on her Petfinder page, Katie is quite the snuggler, as she loves to burrow into beds or under blankets and even loves puppy piles with her foster dog brothers & sisters. She's quite affectionate, tenderhearted and she loves to follow her foster Mom from room to room and lay in whatever bed is nearby, just to be near her. It is clear that she will be relatively easy to train, just as long as you have plenty of patience with a tiny, tenderhearted lass like Katie.

Photo from Petfinder Website
When Katie first came to the rescue, she was severely underweight, but has since put on a couple of pounds. They are afraid she was abused in some way, but she is still a very sweet girl. Katie gets along great with other dogs, but does not fully understand cats. Time and gentle training could help her to learn to love them, as is the case with any animal. Katie is good with children too. To see some wonderful photos of Katie, including some sweet ones with her favorite foster sibling that she adores, visit Katie's 'New Rattitude' photo page. For more information about how you can adopt her, visit Katie's Petfinder page. And don't forget to 'LIKE' the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue group on Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these two beautiful girls. Please share this post to help little Katie find a loving home, and to help educate others about how wonderful it is for breeds like the Rat Terrier to have a long beautiful tail.
If you have a dog that is a breed normally docked, and your dog has their tail, let us know so we can feature YOUR dog next! And please leave us a comment below on your thoughts about the long beautiful rat terrier tails.

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