Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tails - Pixel Introduces Jovial Boxer Twins Jojo & Jorge

Hi friends! Welcome to this week's edition of Pixel's Tuesday's Tails. This series celebrates dogs who are from breeds who are normally docked, but the dogs we feature all have their beautiful tails. It's quite a treat to see dogs with tails whose breed is normally, and unfortunately, docked. Some people have told me they've never seen some of the breeds WITH their tails before. Boxers are one of those breeds that are not often seen with tails. Well, we have a special treat today. We aren't just celebrating one happy wagging boxer tail, we're celebrating a whole family of happy boxer tails! We even have video of wagging boxer tails. Just keep reading...

Meet Jovial Jojo and Jorge
Jojo and Jorge are 5 years old and have been with their parents since they were puppies. They are brother and sister and love each other dearly. They get on really well and are pretty much inseparable. 

Jojo and Jorge loves going places with their family, including the park, the beach, pretty much anywhere the car will take them. They are high energy, athletic dogs who love to run and play in the fields or on the sand. They eat, sleep, and play together and couldn't imagine life any other way!

Their Mom Jemma say "Both are very affectionate and love to try and sit on your lap, I think they think they are Chihuahua's...not boxers!! Both of the dogs are fantastic with the children and my children are equally fantastic with the dogs. My children have been brought up to respect the dogs' space." 

Mom Jemma adores their long beautiful tails and can't believe people dock boxer tails. She says, "I think any mutilation of an animal is just barbaric and still can't believe people would do it just because they think it would make their pets look 'better'." She said she's even been kicked out of boxer groups before when she start speaking up about people cropping ears and docking tails. No Tail Left Behind says "Good for you, Jemma! Far better to speak up and get asked to leave then sit quietly by while others trample your values for 'vanity sake'."

Memories of Jake...
Jemma also shared photos of her special boy she had before Jojo and Jorge. His name was Jake. He had his tail as well because his breeder didn't believe in docking either. Jake spent 10 wonderful years with Jemma and her family, but sadly passed away in 2006 at the age of 10. She says that he was a wonderful dog. I have no doubt he was. Just look at his face!

Thank you Jemma, Jojo, Jorge and Jake, for sharing your story and photos with No Tail Left Behind. What a thrill it's been to see so many wonderful full boxer tails in glorious full color photos!! Here's hoping one day that every dog in America and the world will no longer have to worry about the concept of tail docking and will all have their beautiful tails to wag at the beach, at the park, in the fields and at home.
Now, let's meet our adoptable Tuesday's Tails Boxer:

Meet the Regal and Beguiling Riley Jane 

Riley Jane is just about too good to be true! Riley (as her foster parents call her) is a gorgeous 5 year old brindle and white female boxer who is fully housebroken, extremely friendly and loving, gets along well with other pets, and know several commands, including sit, shake, and down. One of the most beautiful things about her is that she has uncropped ears and a full long, undocked tail that wags constantly.

Riley loves to play! She loves, and I mean LOVES balls, and will collect them and pile them on her bed if given the chance. But she loves playing fetch and catch and running outside with her foster parents and foster fur brothers. She eats, sleeps and plays with her fur brothers and loves being with them. She had a fur sister previously and they got along great too, so she would do well with either male or female dogs. 

Riley had a previous forever home, but sadly for reasons I do not know, they had to give her up. Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue stepped in and are taking care of her thanks to their fantastic foster home program. At first Riley was distressed over losing her previous family, as is very understandable, but her foster Mom stated on Riley Jane's Petfinder page that she appears to now be well adjusted and as happy as can be. She LOVES meeting new people, and gets a bit overly excited and jumpy at first, but soon settles down and is sweet as can be. She loves to cuddle, be affectionate, share treats with you, play outside, and be with you. She is learning to walk well on a leash, but she still needs additional work to not pull when other dogs or children are nearby. It will take some time, but if someone is consistent, patient, and a loving pet parent, daily practice and training will eventually help her succeed on a leash to no longer pull in such excitement.

Here's an adorable video of Riley and her fur brothers putting their "best paw forward" for her foster Mom. Watch her wonderful full length tail wagging so beautifully:

If you are interested in meeting or adopting sweet beguiling Riley Jane, please visit Riley's Petfinder page or visit the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Facebook page for more information. 

I hope you all enjoyed this special boxer edition of Pixel's Tuesday's Tails. After seeing so many beautiful boxer tails...who'd ever want to dock another tail again??

I'm taking part in this week's BlogPaws #Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Visit some of the other links below to see what other interesting things are happening with pet and their people. 


  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them all with us today.

  2. Lots of great boxer tails! That's wonderful.......and I hope Riley finds a great home very soon.....

  3. Great photos - love the two of them on the bed. Love the bed also LOL

  4. Love the photo of the two of them back to back on the bed -so adorable!

  5. They are such beautiful dogs! I love those tails! It is so weird that people feel the need to dock tails. I guess it's not something I understand. Thank you for sticking up for dogs like these!
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  6. Those tails are so expressive! The video, in particular, speaks volumes.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

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